My Portfolio:


Ambitious and charismatic junior designer who is also well versed in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Web Design and Analytics.


I am seeking a position in a junior role with the possibility for further training and advancement within an inspiring, innovative and challenging organisation. Having worked within the creative industry for nearly 3 years, I rapidly learnt the art of creating quality content that is both clean and efficient. In my most recent job role, my main focus has been on creating successful campaigns in order to increase customer engagement. This ranged from creating artwork for social media, website email marketing.  I am confident that my social media marketing, SEO and design skills in addition to developing, gives me the advantage of being a diverse employee that can wear many hats.


I thrive in an environment where I have freedom to express my artistic self and particularly enjoy working closely with clients. I have successfully managed my own projects, dealing with the clients directly. I am a self-motivated and intuitive problem solver.